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Best Accounting Software in Nepal

Enterprise accounting software which includes all the traditional accounting package features as well as some additional features.

What is Mero Accounting?

“Meroaccounting” is enterprise accounting software which is a complete solution for all your business needs. It is very easy to use yet powerful and flexible based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. And moreover the beauty lies where it can be easily used by anyone without basic knowledge of accounting..!!! It is an attempt to make software accounting package available to the common man with advanced features. It includes all the traditional accounting package features with all modern accounting techniques.

What makes Mero Accounting so unique?

Enterprise Meroaccounting can be used on any types of organization. User Friendly It is very user friendly and easy to use software. Graph Report It comes with graph report to explore your financial status. Tally Alternative Import your accounting data from tally and start using user friendly Meroaccounting system. Graph Report It comes with graph report to explore your financial status. Alternative to Tally Import your accounting data from tally and start using user friendly Meroaccounting system. Meets All Requirement Of Accounting Software It comprises of all the study features of any expensive accounting package without compromising in quality.


Mero Accounting software is designed to simplify and automate complex, manual financial management processes and improve the accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness of your work-critical financial data. Everything you need to run your business, magnificently !!! Features to Improve Your Financial Performance

 Eazy to use

Mero Accounting comes with menu wise navigation, customized quick launch menu.It is featuring rich, advanced and fastest in use and relentlessly non-technical users can quickly master the system with minimal training.

 Dot Matrix Printer Settings

You can design all your bills using custom paper sizes in dot matrix so that labels would line up correctly without any problem in printing documents.


Helps you to prepare salary sheets in an efficient and timely manner with generation of all reports .It do comes with salary settings, holiday settings, attendance, pay heads, designations, advance payment, salary voucher and pay slip options.

 Standard Rate

Standard rate setting option also available. It helps to set seasonal rates or offer rates for products.


It is easy to create new invoice within seconds. More suitable for counter sales.


Easy way for setting budget and analyzing the budget variance and can help you to track your core accounts. It offers standard budgeting and tracking features.

 PDC Handling

Its Integrated applications helps you to efficiently manage PDC payable, Receivable and PDC clearance.

 Financial Report

It aids in automatic preparation of efficient financial reports of business information’s like Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Fund flow etc.

 Powerful Report

Various criteria of report search possible. It also provides reporting related to general accounting, inventory control,stock maintenance, sales, and purchases etc.


Barcode setting system that has the ability to generate barcodes for products automatically and gets printed according to the barcode settings.

 Godown And Rack Management

Stock items can be managed by go down wise and rack wise.

 Multi-Currency Adoption According To Identified Rates

Can handle unlimited number of currency and daily exchange rates throughout the system which includes a unified ledger system, sales order processing, purchase orders , invoices etc.

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