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Webstars School Management System is a desktop application which is developed using C#. This software interface is very attractive and user friendly. This application has all feature which school system required like student registration, student attendance, student fee setup, vehicle registration and vehicle allocation to student, class setup and section setup. you can also generate report of student detail, fee detail, section student strength detail and many more....


Basic Features

Using this software you can register student, Register Attendance, Register Vehicle, Allocate Vehicle and Allocate fees. Software also Includes Fee registration and Fee concession Module.


This Software is secured by strong Logic's, user name and password are encrypted securely.

Master Features

Through software you can register you school by entering school name, address, district, state, country, email, phone number and registration number.

Academic year

You can setup Custom academic year or delete for example 2015-2016. This will help you maintain your school records to match with government and financial records.

Class Setup

You can setup class by entering details of every class, This will be used to categorize the students and its records.

Student Registration

This module include primary registration of students using their details like Phone, Photo, Email, Location, Admission Date and all required details.

Contact Details

Using this feature, you can keep detailed contact report of any user. Specially you can manage contact details of students and teachers.

Search Reports

You can search student report using different keywords like student name, student type, class, section etc, user can also see who enter that value.

Strength Report

You can also see student strength and also how many are boys and girls in form of report. You can save this report in any format and also print it.

Fee setup

You can set up fee for any class by entering serial number, class, date, fee description, and fee amount. You can generate fee for whole class.

Vehicle allocation

You can allocate vehicle and transportation to students.


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